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The WunderBar is built for software developers. It is a powerful rapid prototyping and product development tool that enables developers to immediately start creating products and solutions that utilise the Internet of Things, without any prior hardware knowledge. No soldering or electronic engineering experience is needed. Just choose what sensors you need for your project and start coding.

It contains 7 mini hardware boards that can be separated from each other and placed wherever you want to gather data. These include 5 sensor boards, a bridge module so you can connect additional sensors or an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and a master module that relays information from the sensor boards to the cloud.

There has never been a quicker way to enter into the Internet of Things. Experimentation and prototyping can begin minutes after opening the box. In minutes you can onboard the sensors to the master module using our app, connect to our free to use cloud, and start programming using our open source SDKs. It’s that easy.


Built with the WunderBar



In just 28 hours, Team Blended prototyped a smart home solution using our easy to use Internet of Things tools.

Insulin Angel

Insulin Angel, a start-up based in Berlin, developed and launched their smart medication tracker using the relayr WunderBar, SDKs and Open Sensor Cloud.


BSH Home Appliances, makers of Bosch and Siemens home goods, use the WunderBar and relayr technology to prototype and develop their new connected smart appliances.


The WunderBar

TAOS TCS3771 (RGB color sensing and proximity detection in a single device, up to 16 bit resolution)

IR transmitter to control audio/visual equipment, an LED strip light, air conditioner, garage... whatever you fancy

HTU21D (0.01ºC temp. resolution, ±0.3ºC accuracy, 0.04%RH resolution, ±2%RH accuracy, -40 to +125 ºC range)

Knowles SPU0410HR5H MEMS microphone for noise level measurements. 10 bit resolution

MPU-6500 (6 axis motion tracking device, ±2g to ±16g full scale range for accelerometer and ±250º/s to ±2000º/s for gyro)

4 pin connector compatible with Grove modules from Seeedstudio, 2 GPIOs / I2C or UART (3.3V to 5V compatible)

What our clients say

"relayr is an innovative player in the IoT space. Within our Industry 4.0/IoT Lab we show together how smart products enable smart services through the integration in business processes run by systems like SAP Business Suite."

Donald Wachs
Partner and Segment Leader Manufacturing, BearingPoint

"The relayr tech stack - from their Cloud Platform and Data Services down to the connected devices - enables us to take our customers from first prototype to roll-out in a few months."

Frank Riemensperger
Senior Managing Director, Accenture

"relayr's Cloud, SDKs and WunderBar are rapidly facilitating and bringing us and our customers into the Internet of Things"

Sebastian Schoemann
Principal, Digital Transformation, A.T. Kearney

"relayr has created a cloud platform that enables innovation to be built on top of it. All of the application developers that create new applications through relayr will connect the world of IoT."

Nick Earle
SVP Worldwide Cloud Sales, Cisco