Predictive Maintenance with Actionable Insights

Our scalable, AI-powered solutions help you get the most from your industrial equipment, workforce, and operations. Apply our proven IIoT expertise and end-to-end support to transform predictive data insights into higher productivity, sustainability, and profitability.

Eliminate downtime and stay ahead of the competition.

Skyler Predictive Maintenance Hardware and Dashboard with Industrial Equipment in the Background

Turn Data into Business Value

Relayr’s technology accelerates the roll out of digital maintenance and service models.

Predict reliability risks and critical actions in operations. Make your technical and business decision-making effective and risk-based: from the plant floor to the C-Suite.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Maximize asset reliability and OEE through proactive maintenance.

    Focus maintenance planning and workforce on mission-critical jobs.

  • Streamline Operations & achieve Strategic Goals

    Predict reliability risks in assets and processes, reduce unplanned downtime and lost business opportunities.

    Ensure your compliance and sustainability goals through asset and data management.

  • Digitize Maintenance & Service Models

    Digitize your maintenance processes and empower your team with actionable data.

    Create recurring revenue streams through innovative digital services such as Predictive Maintenance and Equipment-as-a-Service.

How to Get Started with Us

Our end-to-end expert guidance removes complexity at every stage of our work together. We make sure that you attain your strategic and operational objectives quickly and sustainably.


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10+ Years

Relayr is celebrating 10+ years of industrial IOT innovation and growth

The Relayr Story
  1. "Since the introduction of subscription models, HEIDELBERG has observed growing customer interest. We are pleased to support WEIG Packaging GmbH & Co. KG through the subscription model in further optimizing their business."

    Dr. Ludwin Monz, Chairman of the Board Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

  2. "We chose relayr as our digital transformation partner because they brought so much to the table beyond a software provider. Relayr brought the whole package to us - they helped us change our mindset, and they helped us design a business model that would work for us."

    Justin Hatfield, President HECO

  3. "As the largest international association for electrical rotating equipment maintenance and service, with 1800 members in 70 countries, we see firsthand what moves industry around the world, every day: the trends, the challenges, and the successes. Our members keep industry running, maintaining critical assets like motors, pumps, compressors, fans, gear boxes, across all types of industrial process. They make industry more efficient, more productive, more environmentally friendly, and safer. But today, more than ever we are challenged by skilled labor shortages, supply chain bottlenecks, high costs of energy, maintenance costs, and more. In addition, members are seeing disruptions by the rapid spread of new technologies like predictive data-analytics, and artificial intelligence, sensors, and cloud computing. This is an area where technology companies, like relayr, an EASA member, support rotating equipment maintenance with predictive monitoring of assets, leading to safer, more efficient maintenance, and longer lasting, healthier assets. "

    Linda Raynes, President & CEO at Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. EASA

  4. "Refrigeration-as-a-Service will enable businesses to enhance efficiency by paying per hour of refrigeration, backed by a novel performance guarantee."

    Markus Eisenhuth, Vice President & General Manager Carrier Commercial Refrigeration

  5. "Relayr’s dedicated team maintains close partnerships with the OEM to ensure an understanding of the business and strategic implications of its EaaS model. Its one-stop-shop solution combines complex processes into a unified service that allows OEMs to focus on its core business."

    Elizabeth Whynott, Research Analyst-Best Practices (PhD) Frost & Sullivan

  6. "Using machine data to achieve increasing levels of predictability in the industry is key to solving urgent industry imperatives like energy efficiency and decarbonization, improving spare part supply chains, and solving the growing skilled labor shortage. Predictive analytics is a game-changer for increasing machine availability, safety, and customer satisfaction. relayr is a respected pioneer in advanced predictive analytics to de-risk industrial operations and to enable digital business models."

    Oliver Bendig, Partner for Customer Service, After Sales & Strategy Deloitte

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