SKYLER Elevate

Award-Winning Elevator Maintenance Solution

Remote elevator monitoring and diagnostics to optimize maintenance and improve ride quality. SKYLER Elevate takes elevator service to the next level.

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Key Benefits

SKYLER Elevate is a cloud-based platform that enables smart elevator management, optimizing service with predictive maintenance insights. It helps our users improve elevator uptime and ride quality, while giving visibility through data.

    Unexpected failures and costly emergency repairs.

    Prevent downtime and emergency repairs through proactive elevator performance and risk analysis.

    Repeated technician visits to fix a single problem.

    Improved first time fix rate through pre-visit diagnostics that help technicians understand the problem before they arrive on site to prevent callbacks.

    Distributed elevator data and complex compliance paper trail.

    Centralized elevator data and simplified compliance through comprehensive documentation of the health state of your elevator fleet and user-tailored platform interfaces for building owners and service professionals.

    Elevator monitoring only available on the newest models of certain elevator brands.

    Diagnostics compatible with any elevator irrespective of make, model, or age.

How it Works

CEDES' cegard/Smart hardware can be easily and quickly installed on any elevator to enable continuous monitoring of elevator health and ride quality metrics. We help you avoid interruptions and technician callbacks and even increase ride quality.

Easy 30min Installation

Key Features

SKYLER elevator service software will help you optimize your lift maintenance schedule, reduce unexpected failures, avoid technician callbacks, and improve ride quality.

  • 24/7 Asset health monitoring

    Continuously monitor the condition of your fleet's key metrics, such as door performance, or elevator shaft temperature and humidity.

  • Proactive notifications

    Receive daily summaries with your fleet status overview.

  • Ride quality monitoring

    Detect bumps and rollbacks that affect ride quality.

  • Door failure identification

    70% of elevator issues are related to their doors. Comprehensive door monitoring is critical and most powerful with a light curtain.

  • Floor determination & elevator usage

    Identify the current floor in real time and track usage metrics such as rides, mileage, trip time, etc.

  • API for Data Visualization

    Easily export data for visualization and reports through our API and integration with PowerBI.

Winner of 3 Consecutive Elevator Industry Awards (The Ellies)

  • The Ellies 2022

    The Ellies 2022
  • The Ellies 2021

    The Ellies 2021
  • The Ellies 2020

    The Ellies 2020

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