Maximize Equipment Uptime

Boost your productivity by improving the reliability of your industrial rotating equipment using our solution. Leverage expert-led predictive maintenance insights to minimize unplanned downtime on your production line.

Skyler Rotate Hardware and Dashboard with an industrial setting in the background

SKYLER Approach

  • Easy

    SKYLER makes monitoring asset health easy with proactive notifications and intuitive dashboards. Mature processes and enablement ensure your project achieves quick time to value.

  • Expert-Led

    With 10+ years of experience, Relayr is an expert in IIOT and our products are trusted by industry experts. Our platform is designed and supported by a team of certified reliability experts.

  • End-to-End

    SKYLER is the most complete solution for monitoring industrial equipment including hardware, software, deployment and reliability support.

Key Benefits

Relayr monitors the health of your system using advanced vibration analysis techniques to optimize equipment reliability, so you can focus on production instead of worrying about maintenance.

    Unexpected breakdowns and costly emergency repairs

    Eliminate unplanned downtime with predictive failure detection and proactive maintenance recommendations

    Effectiveness of maintenance activities difficult to assess

    Confirm the effectiveness of maintenance using asset health data and reduce operational risk

    Skills gap and limited bandwidth of experts

    Empower your reliability team to manage your entire fleet with actionable insights and maintenance recommendations

    Asset data requires expert skills to interpret

    Get actionable insights presented in intuitive dashboards and notifications so no expert knowledge is required, but detailed data is available when required

How it Works


Key Features

SKYLER continuously monitors the condition of your equipment and can recognize over 20 of the most common failure types well in advance of a breakdown. Predictive insights enable you to maintain machine health and maximize equipment uptime.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Leverage SKYLER AI for early detection of anomalies and failure types in vibration data

  • Proactive Alerts

    Notification of asset health state changes or detected anomalies

  • Maintenance Recommendations

    Identify the root cause of anomalies and recommend maintenance actions to remedy the issue

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Track the health state of your assets across multiple facilities

  • Streamlined Communication

    Simplify communication between experts and build a historical asset track record

  • Vibration Expert Analytics

    Advanced analytics & dashboards of asset parameters

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