SKYLER Elevate and cegard/Smart takes hardware to new heights


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Link to this heading # SKYLER Elevate and cegard/Smart takes hardware to new heights

Relayr and CEDES have launched a joint solution, uniting CEDES’ IoT-enabling light curtain cegard/Smart with relayr’s predictive maintenance solution SKYLER Elevate.

SKYLER Elevate takes cegard/Smart hardware to new heights. CEDES’ cegard/Smart, consisting of a light curtain and a control unit, perfectly matches SKYLER Elevate’s IoT capabilities. A powerful unity, the joint solution strengthens margins, improves efficiency, and enhances safety.

The key features of the SKYLER Elevate cegard/Smart solution


  • IoT solution for all existing elevators regardless of brand, age, or type
  • IoT solution for all new elevator installations regardless of brand or type


  • Cost saving by achieving a more efficient and customer-centric elevator service
  • Increased customer retention by ensuring limited elevator downtime and fast reaction in case of issues
  • Reduced loss of service tickets given fact-based data on elevator uptime, anomalies, and people flow
  • Potential upsale by providing generated people flow data to building owners
The SKYLER Elevate cegard/Smart solution

The cegard/Smart and SKYLER Elevate solution is a first in the industry, developed based on proven technologies that complement each other perfectly – uniting leading sensor technology with state-of-the-art IoT and AI.

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